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          Information - The library of Stuttgart

Information - The library of Stuttgart

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>> Information - The library of stuttgart (pdf)


>> The central library at the Mailänder Platz

>> Architecture - Concept - Technology - Facts (pdf)

>> The 18 branch libraries

>> The two library busses

>> Adresses and Opening Hours

>> The eLibrary

>> The library card

>> Library card lost?

>> Renewal of the library card

>> Library Account

>> Lending

>> Renewal of the lending period

>> Return of media

>> Reserving media

>> Wifi

>> Computer Workstations and Laptops

>> Guided tours

>> Children

>> Service for groups of children

>> Cost overview

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The city library of Stuttgart consists of the central library, the 18 branch libraries, the mobile library and the eLibrary.

The central library at the Mailänder Platz
The central library at the Mailänder Platz is in the new quarter "Europaviertel" and it is one of the most modern libraries of Europe. The impressive cubic building of the Korean architect Eun Young Yi is a center of attraction for tourists and photographers from all over the world. The library offers more than half a million media on a surface of 18 000 m². Everything is possible from lending graphics, watching more than 10 000 animated films, creating books in the workshop of the children’s library, composing in the sound studio of the music library as well as digitalizing old records – and much more. In the cafe "LesBar" you can have refreshments and the spectacular view from the roof terrace is also a unique experience.

>> More informations about the central library

>> Architecture - Concept - Technology - Facts (pdf)

The 18 branch libraries
The 18 branch libraries with their current media offer, the competent advice and personal support are attractive places for learning and dwelling right around the corner. Wireless LAN, personal computers as well as laptops with internet access and facilities for copying, scanning and printing are naturally available in all our branch libraries.

The two library busses
The two library busses, called "Max" and "Moritz" relating to a popular children’s story, are on tour with 5000 media per bus in the whole municipal area of Stuttgart; in the morning they visit kindergartens and schools; in the afternoon there are 22 stops from A as Asemwald to W as Wangen.

>> Adresses and Opening Hours

The eLibrary
In the eLibrary you don´t only have access to our "Onleihe" where you can download ebooks and other emedia. You can also find valuable tools for research like press databanks, reference books and knowledge bases. Podcasts of our events, elearning-courses and the music streaming service "Naxos music library" – all of that can be used around the clock from everywhere:

The library card

You can obtain a library card by presenting your ID-card (or passport plus registration certificate). Please remember, that we always need your current address. In order to use all offers of the library you have to pay an annual fee (20 € | reduced 10 €) or a monthly fee (4 € | reduced 2 €). For all persons younger than 18 years of age the library card is for free.
The card is for:
• lending media
• eLibrary
• internet access
• PC-working places | laptops
• reservation of lent media (1 €)

Library card lost?
Please invalidate your library card immediately to protect against misuse: you can do it personally or on the telephone in all our libraries as well as via email under

Renewal of the library card
The library card will not be automatically renewed. You can do it yourself on our website and pay the fee the next time you visit the library (exception: reduced library card). Or you can contact us personally, by phone or by email (see adresses). Please keep your library card, even if it is not valid anymore, because it can be reactivated any time.

Library account > Mein Konto

Your library account shows the lent media with the date of return. There you can renew, make or delete reservations and provide your email-adress. For access you need this login-data: Number of your library card + date of birth (format:
You can find your lent ebooks and emedia on our "Onleihe"-website:

With your library card you can lend the desired media on your own at our lending terminals. Please follow the instructions on the screen.

Lending period
media: 28 days
pieces of art: 2 months
ebooks: 21 days | The lending time of other media from the "Onleihe" can be found at "Hilfe" at

Number of lent media
Max. 50 pieces of media | "Onleihe": max. 10 emedia-items can be lent simultaneously with your library card.

Renewal of the lending period
The lending period can be renewed up to 8 times for another 28 days as long as there is no reservation for the media. BluRays, computer games and computer learning programs can be renewed one time. There are different options for renewing the lending period:
• It is easy to access our website from home: Please hit the button "Konto" (account) in the Katalog and enter your library card number and your password (your date of birth). If the lending period has been exceeded no renewal is possible. In this case please contact us personally, by phone or by email.
• Via email directly to the mailboxes of the branch libraries or in general to
• Via the telephone numbers of all facilities (see adresses).

Please enter your name and library card number. The lending period will then be renewed starting from the day of your call or email for another 28 days. If a renewal is not possible, you will be informed.

Return of media
You can bring your media back (exception: pieces of art) to all our libraries except for the library busses no matter where you lent the media. In the library at the Mailänder Platz a 24-hour-bookdrop is at your disposal at the entrance on the west side.

Reserving media

Media can be reserved for a fee of 1 €. They can be ordered online in advance or personally with the help of the library staff. As soon as the item is available you will be notified per mail or per email. For this reason you have to enter your email-address in your library account.

The wifi-network of the city library at the Mailänder Platz is called "Passwort=Bibliothek" and in the branch libraries "STBWLAN". Please choose the respective network out of the list of the accessible wifi-networks. Enter the word "Bibliothek" when the password is requested (please remember to use a capital letter at the beginning). Start your web browser and open our internet page. In case the browser does not know the safety certificate, you have to confirm that you trust the connection. Enter the number of your library card + date of birth (format:

>> Wireless LAN (WLAN) in the branch libraries (pdf)

Computer workstations and laptops
With your library card you can lend netbooks and laptops for use in the library at the Mailänder Platz as well as in all 17 branch libraries. You can research in the internet, use open office programs and play DVDs. At special shorttime-research-terminals you have access to the internet for 15 minutes without a library card. In the branch libraries computer workplaces are available that can be booked. Please call or write an email to your preferred branch library beforehand (see adresses).

Guided tours
All information about guided tours at the library at the Mailänder Platz and the branch libraries can be found at:
In the library at the Mailänder Platz audio guides are available for the library and architecture tours.

>> Odyssey 2021 - A Journey through the City Library at Mailänder Platz: YouTube | Further informations

The library card for children is free.

The internet access for children from 6 years on is controlled by the youth protection filter of BelWü (extended wifi-network of Baden-Württemberg) and it is time-limited depending on the age of children.

Precondition internet licence
Children from 6 to 12 years need a license for accessing the internet. In the training session "Klicken mit Durchblick: Hol dir den Internetführersschein!" children learn everything about chatting, search machines, emailing, surfing, advertising and security in the internet. This training session for the internet license is offered in all libraries. The dates are published in the current children’s program of events. A registration is necessary.

Service for groups of children

Library license program for groups of children to get to know the library | Library card for institutions like kindergartens, schools, theaters ... | Media boxes – reading and learning packages assorted individually as requested | Media rallies for school classes from level 1 to 6 | Special dates for events | Passing on specialist literature and material.

Cost overview

Fee for library card
12 month: 20 €
1 month: 4 €

Reduced fee for library card with the “Bonus-Card der Stadt Stuttgart”
12 month: 10 €
1 month: 2 €

For free
Children and youths under 18 years

Substitute library card
3 €

Reservation of media
1 €

Insurance fee for graphics
2.50 € per item
In case of renewal: another 2.50 € per item

Overdue fine for late return
1. Week: 0,80 €
2. Week: 1,60 €
3. Week: 2,40 €
4. Week: 3,40 €
...until 17. Week: max. 15€

The fees are valid for every lent media starting from the first day after the return date.

Please keep the return date in mind. After the return deadline the staff members can renew the lending period for you. Please call us or send an email ( That prevents further fees.

Costs for the first return reminder: 1 €
For each additional reminder: 2 €

Lost media
Costs for replacement plus handling fee of 3 €

Copying | Printing
Per page: 0.10 €

Mode of payment
In the library at the Mailänder Platz, you can pay your fees in cash or with an EC card at the automated pay station. In the branch libraries, you can pay in cash or with EC-Cash at the return desks. Alternatively, you can go to our website, choose Mein Konto (my account) and use the Gebührenkonto zeigen (show fees account) function to create an invoice to transfer the fees.

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